Reclaimed wood wall shelves ,set of 2, rustic style,35" long, brown and gray,great color and grain

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A great set of shelves to liven up that blank wall. Plenty of display space for all your treasures!

* Wall shelf: 35" x 5" x 5.5" tall.


*The wall shelf hangs from key hole style hangers. Drywall anchors included.


Anchors are for drywall only.


Hanging procedure.

Measure the distance between the larger end of key hole openings in back of shelf.


Measure center to center.


Pencil mark level holes on wall, using center to center measurement.


Predrill, or slightly indent wall with screwdriver, where screws should go.


Screw in wall anchor.


The metal anchors should screw in fairly easily.


Insert screws in wall anchor,leaving out slightly or proud


Place larger end of key hole slots over screws and slide shelf to the left

The length of the screws left out may need to be adjusted slightly.




If the shelf is too loose, screws should go in slightly.


If the shelf is too tight,move screws out slightly.


* Reduce,reuse and recycle!

* Made in the USA!

Money back guarantee!