8.5x11 off white mat in 11x14 upcycled reclaimed wood picture frame, complete with glass

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Deep browns and grays accented with a bit of lighter tones give this frame a great look.

 * Complete with glass,mat,backing and hardware.

    Simple turn button picture placement.

     Key hole hangers installed.

* 8.5"x11" with the mat or your choice of 9"x12",8"x10" or 8"x12" mat opening.

* 20 cool mat colors to choose from.

 * Earth friendly reclaimed wood.

    Save a tree,we all love trees!

 * Hangs either way,landscape or portrait.

    Wall not included.

 * Ready to ship. Free US shipping.

    Ships in a day or 2, NOT a week or 2.

* We picture and list our frames individually, so you can pick the one you like.

    Why let someone else pick your frame? You don't buy anything else that way!

*Call me with any questions! 505-264-1918

     Really, I wouldn't put my number on here if I didn't want you to call with questions.










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